Missing Classmates

The Following Classmates are Lost to Bryn Mawr College. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please email mward@brynmawr.edu

Ahmed, Fatima Humera
Antoniou-Carson, Adriana
Calvo, Veronica Salcedo
Carey, Valerie Joy Elizabeth
Field, Maia Terue
Halkides, Daria Jean
Kim, Ahram
Li, Mu Yang
Lui, Jane Ching Yee
Murugesan, Kavitha
Pizana, Eunice Gracia
Richardson, Rebecca
Siegel, Lauren Stacy
Silverman, Elana Tzipara
Sobhan, Dina
Sood, Dorothy Kaur
Spangler, Maria Grace
Surbeck, Leslie Winter
Tan, Susan Shui-Shan
Tomasoski, Therese Kay
Utley, Dawn Anette

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