Class of 1997 Reunion 2012 May 25-27, 2012


Dear Class of 1997,

It’s time to get your dancing shoes packed and get ready to head back to the Seventies! Let’s celebrate the decade we were born in by attending our 15th reunion May 25-27, 2012!

So, what can you expect at Reunion? Tours, panels, faculty visits, reminiscing, laughs, dancing, and a whole lot of fun are on the agenda. The Alumnae Association has been working hard to plan a wonderful weekend for everyone. Soon you will be receiving a program of events with a list of costs, class meeting information, and dinner information, as well as other program information including the registration form. We are hoping all of you will fill out the registration form and enjoy a weekend with the Class of 1997. We are also working really hard to be family friendly. There will be toys and crafts for the little ones and some games for the significants to enjoy while we take care of reunion business. There is also “Reunion Camp” for children ages 3-11 for a fee. Please let Jenn know if you are bringing any little ones and what their ages are so that the children’s area is prepped and ready to go.

Start budgeting now. The total cost for the weekend is approximately $300 per adult. We know in these times that money can be tight. Hopefully with the advance notice, you can plan and join us for a fun weekend.

After some good response on the Facebook poll, the canvas reusable bag with red handles was the winner. The quote on the bag will be “Keep Calm and Mawrter On”. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Anyone who knows they are attending the reunion and wouldn’t mind volunteering to be songmistress please let one of us know. As of now, we do not have a songmistress for the reunion. Also, we have some positions open to get us to our 20th reunion. If you are interested in being 20th Reunion Manager, Annual Fund Chair or Songmistress please let one of us know. The 3 of us have really enjoyed being of planning a great reunion.

Do you want to keep updated on reunion happenings? Check out our class website or join our Facebook group – BMC ’97 Reunion 2012.

If you are interested into helping with the reunion, we would appreciate it. Just let us know. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in May. Until then, stay happy and healthy!

Jennifer Santos-Gramble
15th Reunion Manager

Saran Robertson
Class President

Lisa Trefethen
Class President
Red Lantern

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