Announcing the 90s Cluster Reunion – May 30th – June 1st 2014


I’m excited to share with you that the upcoming reunion in 2014 will include all classes ending in 4, 9 and the entire 90s decade. Many of us have expressed interest in being able to reunite with friends from classes that graduated either shortly before or shortly after ours. This is our big chance. Word is that all alumnae from the decade and their families wishing to stay on campus for the weekend will also get to stay in the same dorm (possibly the Pems). So mark your calendars now and hope to see you there!

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Erica Plotnick-Foley

2 thoughts on “Announcing the 90s Cluster Reunion – May 30th – June 1st 2014

  1. Rachel, The schedule hasn’t been posted yet. However, if I remember correctly, festivities usually start on Friday afternoon and wrap up Sunday morning. I will keep checking the alumnae site for updates and post anything new both here and on our class FB page. Cheers!

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